Discover How To Get Clarity, Break Through Blocks, and Experience the Transformation You Have Been Searching For in Your Life.​

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If You could change your life . . .

Would You?

The fact that you're here reading this probably means you've asked yourself that question.

But sadly, nothing changed.

Ever thought about what's holding you back?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you have a lot of decisions to make?

Are you frustrated that all the work you’re doing isn’t going anywhere?

Is there something big calling you, but you’re not even sure what it is?

Are you confused what to do next and you’re looking for clarity?

If you answered YES to any of these​ . . .

there’s a surprising answer that awaits you.

Introducing The Xpill.

It's the answer to the transformation you are searching for.

Maybe it's a new job, a relationship, or starting a business.
It might mean finally feeling at peace with your life and living in the moment.
It might be establishing a new habit, like going to the gym. 

Something has already come to mind for you.​

Maybe you’ve given up on it.

Maybe you think it’s just not in the cards for you.

Maybe you feel so frustrated with yourself that you haven’t gotten it—after all this time, after all these books, after all these programs.


So, whatever is gnawing at you or whatever opportunity you’re not taking . . .

The Xpill can help you get there.

Take a journey with me.

My name is Robert Richman. I'm a culture strategist, was the co-creator of Zappos Insights, and create of the Xpill experience.

You’re about to take a path that has created a major shift in my life and in the lives of many, many others.


Shifts like new relationships, careers, starting businesses, getting to the core of deep blocks, discovering true passions, overcoming overwhelm, and breaking through our own resistance. 


The way I have done all of this is with a pill; only it’s not the pill that did it.


It has nothing to do with the pill, and yet everything to do with it. I know it’s confusing, but this (and other paradoxes) will make sense if you read on…

What Is The Xpill

The Xpill is an inert pill that uses the science of placebos to place intentions into the subconscious mind.

It contains brown rice protein, with no active ingredients.​

On its own, it cannot heal, fix or alter you in any way.

And yet, the moment you take it, your whole life can change.​

How Does the Xpill Experience Work?

The process we use is called the "Activation". 


The word activation is so perfect, because it implies something is already there. Something is dormant. It’s within you, just waiting to be turned on.

  • Set your intention

    Decide what is is it you want? Then . . . Decide what is it you really want. How would your life be different? What will this give you?

  • Activate the pill

    Since there’s nothing in the pill to begin with, we say it becomes “activated” when we hit that emotion + clarity. Of course, it’s really you who is being activated. 

  • Swallow the pill

    We use the Xpill because it symbolizes a commitment you can't take back. It's a way for you to commit and mean you're serious.

  • Start your next big adventure.

    Your true intentions have been set, and the clarity you need to move forward has appeared.

What will you use the Xpill to accomplish?

Hear the amazing stories of people whose lives have been transformed by the Xpill Exerience.

"It’s blown my mind the way people have used the Xpill." ​

Brian used it to finally commit to seeing Japan after dreaming about it for 7 years.  

Kavita used the Xpill to help her make choices about moving to a different country.  

Rob used it to start his photography business.

Faith used the Xpill to let go of an on-again/off-again relationship and found a new level of love that matched what she’d been asking for.

“The experience that we had, my clients are still thanking me for, it happened to happen at a time when my clients were renewing into the next year. We had three renewals on site because the experience was so magnificent.”



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“Yesterday I got to experience the experience of theX pill and I had such a profound, totally vector changing shift in that process yesterday that I’m here talking about it now . . . Cause I know for everyone else who was with me in that experience, they had a very similar experience, a profound transformation. So don’t walk, run, take the pill.”



"What I found really interesting was I knew it was a sugar pill. I knew it was essentially fake, but it was almost by swallowing it, you were making a promise to yourself. Now, what I found interesting is that after I set my intention and I took the pill within minutes, I almost felt like true my gut that I had the answer I needed and I thought that was really interesting.  "



Is the Xpill Experience Right for You?

It may be as simple as a pill, but this process can bring up the resistance, pain, outdated beliefs, and blocks that are holding you back. 


This isn't for everyone.


  • People looking for a platform for breaking through blocks and adding power to new commitments.

  • People who have “tried it all.” People who have done a lot of self-help work, read a lot of books, and taken a lot of programs that have not worked. 


  • The Xpill is not for you if you’re unwilling to get completely real with yourself.

  • It’s not for you if you’re unwilling to accept that what holds you back may be beyond your conscious mind.

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As you've seen, this tiny pill has been instrumental in changing peoples live. You'll find out first hand how a tiny pill, that contains no active ingredients, can have such a profound and purposeful effect on the people who have taken it.


Discover the Xpill . . . and discover yourself!

You'll receive the "Activation" process video.

I'll send you a video of me walking you through the complete activation process. This is where the magic happens, and you will begin to uncover the blocks that have been holding you back. The diversions. The distractions.


The activation process will uncover what you really want and set you on the right path to get there.

Frequently asked question about the Xpill experience.

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