About Xpill

So you’ve been trying to “figure things out” in your life.

Well. How’s that going for you?

If you’ve been feeling confused, overwhelmed, and stagnant in your personal or professional life (yes, we’ve been there), you probably have a host of reasons to point to.

You think:

  • You’re not talented or skilled enough
  • You don’t know the right people
  • You don’t have enough information
  • You don’t have enough time
  • You don’t have enough money

None of this is true.

It’s because you’re trying to “figure out” with your brain instead of taking action and altering your spiritual and emotional state.

Trying to “figure things out” is like trying to swim in a lake that you’re looking at a hundred yards from the shore. You can’t do it. You need to actually get up close, get wet, and immerse yourself in it.

Just as you can’t think your way into swimming, you can’t think your way to a better life.

This is what Xpill does—and why it works.

We know there’s nothing in it, and you know there’s nothing in it. And yet swallowing it can change your mindset, your habits, and your life.

(Think it sounds scammy? Try ordering prescription meds online. Now THAT is scammy.)

There is no secret or magical, mystical ingredient. You are the active ingredient.

We’ve developed and used this simple practice over and over (and over) with lots of different groups and individuals, all of whom have wildly different goals and desires…and strikingly similar problems. They don’t think they can have what they want.

So we say, stop thinking.

The ritual around Xpill creates clarity because it is an act you can’t take back: Once you’ve set your intention and swallowed the pill, you are not the same.

It can’t hurt you. But it can change everything. What do you have to lose?


Play over comfort.
Play requires a degree of creativity and risk. Being comfortable keeps you from both.

Commitment over certainty.
We believe in setting intentions and seeing them through. If you’re waiting for certainty before you take the leap—you’re going to be waiting forever.

Vulnerability over confidence.
Confidence is overrated. You don’t need it to go after what you want. You need to risk being open to it.

Clarity over chaos.
We often court chaos because it relieves us of a decision—and accountability. True clarity requires the courage to choose.

Truth over desire.
Being blinded by what you want can keep you from what you need.

Intuition over logic.
Logic will lead you to what’s probable; intuition shows you what’s possible. Don’t let fear masquerade as reason and cloud your potential.

Curiosity over expertise.
A willingness to ask questions is more important than having all the answers. Questions start journeys.

Ritual over habit.
Habits require little to no thought. Your practice can feel sacred, conscious, and exhilarating. Real change happens when you do things on purpose.


Robbe: The Disruptor
Robbe loves to take abstract concepts and translate them into words we can all understand and experiences that shift our beliefs.

As far as his history, he’s reinvented himself many times: He ran a magazine, a fashion company, a web development company, and a co-working space. He’s been a spinning instructor, a leadership coach, a marketing consultant and online community manager. He basically turned ADD into a business model.

He became most well-known for being a manager and culture strategist at Zappos.com where he co-founded Zappos Insights, an innovative program educating companies on the secrets behind its game-changing employee culture. Based on his experience working with hundreds of companies on their cultures, he wrote The Culture Blueprint: a systematic guide to building the high-performance workplace. He was a He took Zappos Insights from an idea to a multimillion dollar business line. Since then, Robbe has spoken to and consulted for Google, Toyota, Eli Lilly, Whole Foods, Intuit and many other companies.

He’s also a big fan of Improv comedy, the Muppets, and exceptional coffee.

Holly: The Rogue One
Holly spent years working with human behavior in it’s most out-of-the-box settings: special education, mental hospitals, and behavioral health facilities. She has always been fascinated by human behavior – how to change it and shape it to get a desired outcome. This didn’t only apply to her career. She also spent most of her free time reading self-help books and hitting the gym. Self-improvement was a full time job. Xpill seemed like a natural next step for Holly. When Robbe told her about his “red pill” in December of 2013, she was intrigued. Their journey as a duo for Xpill began NYE 2013. Since that serendipitous NYE, Holly and Robbe have taken the Xpill journey and found a way to bring it to others.

Our Values:

We have spent years looking at what we love about what we do, and the people who do well on Xpill. Here are our values:

  • Invitation:
  • We are all opt-in, we create a game worth playing.
  • Desire:
  • We find the emotion, the heat, the sensation, even if it does not make sense.
  • Curiosity:
  • We explore, discover and ask a lot of questions
  • Willingness:
  • Experimenting, admitting we don’t know but we still engage and move forward.
  • Support:
  • We help each other through reflections, questions, gifts and attention.
  • Fun:
  • We laugh, we play, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. REMEMBER: When it’s not fun for me, people feel it.
  • Disruption:
  • We create change that frees up energy for the next level – in our lives, our customers and the world.